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         Ba-you A Real Good Time!

Crawdad’s     Authentic Premium Boil: $17-$19 per person + tax* BEST VALUE!

  • Large Louisiana Crawfish (3lb. plates)
  • Corn & Potatoes
  • Gourmet Boil (Sliced Sausage, Mushrooms, Onions, Creole Seasonings)
  • Cook and Servers
  • On-Site Catering for 2+ hours
  • Plates or Butcher Block Table Paper, Utensils, Napkins, To-Go Bags
  • Setup & Cleanup
  • Zydeco Music (portable stereo system)
  • Photographer

Basic Backyard Boil: $15 per person + tax*

  • Medium/Large Louisiana Crawfish (3lb. plates)
  • Corn & Potatoes
  • 1 Cook/Server
  • On-Site Cooking/Serving for 1 hour
  • Plates or Butcher Block Table Paper

Crawfish2Go! Delivery: $13 per person + tax**

  • Medium/Large Louisiana Crawfish (3lbs. per person)
  • Corn & Potatoes
  • Delivered in Styrofoam Coolers, Hot & Freshly Cooked
  • Self-Serve

Price discounts available for 1,000 lbs. or more. Contact us for discount.
*Based on average Market Price of $4.99lb. at a recommended 3lbs. per person. Price varies with Market Price of crawfish.
Contact us for a quote to lock in your pricing.
**Based on average Delivery price of $4.25 pound. Price varies with Market Price of crawfish. Delivery fee may apply.
Contact us
for a quote to lock in your pricing.
100lb. or 30 person minimum on all orders

Why You'll Love Us

  • Presence- we have a professional staff, professional setup, and a professional presence not found elsewhere
  • Priority- we don't just show up and cook. We team up and work with you before hand to help make your event memorable, successful, and fun
  • Great Product- Our farmers give us the largest crawfish available and they're freshly delivered from Louisiana just before your event, washed 3 times, purged, and they're live when we cook them. We don't cook dead bugs. Ever.
  • Best Taste- we have a 3 Stage Cooking Process where we boil the crawfish in seasoning, then soak it thoroughly in more seasonings, and sprinkle with seasoning before we serve it to you. If your crawfish is being boiled, dumped, and served then you're not eating our crawfish!
  • FUN! - We provide a fun environment, bring Zydeco music to play and we take fun pictures
  • We Care- Crawdad's is a preferred vendor and a sponsor of the March of Dimes which means a portion of all of our catering each year pays for the care of premature newborn babies.
  • It's in the Name- Crawfish is what we specialize in. We make great Cajun dishes as well but crawfish is our specialty. We do one thing and do it well. We only serve you what we would serve our own families at home.