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Candy Buffet

Whether you're assembling a  candy station for a wedding, baby shower, birthday, buffet or centerpiece decorations, or just because party.


"Candy by Chris & Carla’s Catering" can match our candy to your theme.

The lovely candy is also beautiful and elegant for your special day.

Candy can be formal or kooky, colorful or traditional white candy, or anything you want it to be! It's your big day so get the candy that suits the occasion in your eyes.

Whether you see Jordan almonds on the tables, jelly beans, or salt water taffy, you will find the bulk candy that fits your big day here.

It is important to find out if any guests have peanut or fruit allergy before deciding on candy; some candy can be disguised quite well and end up in the wrong guest’s bag.

Enjoy, be creative and don’t forget to brush your teeth!!
Our candy Buffets start at 150.00 for rental, set-up, and delivery.
Candy priced separately per selection & setup.
Please contact us for consultation and pricing