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Specialty Salads




Salads include your choice of rolls and butter or assorted crackers.

Salads are pre-plated, served at
the table, and will require additional attendants at a charge of $40.00 per attendant if the meal is less than $250.00. Iced tea is included with all salads.

Bleu Steak Salad (Minimum Order 10)
Mixed garden salad with grilled beef, crumbled bleu cheese, red onion, beef steak tomatoes served with
a spicy bleu cheese dressing.

$12.95 per person

Gulf Seafood Salad (Minimum Order 10)
A wonderful light medley of fresh back fin crab and steamed shrimp on a bed of greens, served with
Dill dressing.

 $14.95 per person

Trio Salad
Chicken salad, pasta salad, and shrimp salad served on a bed of greens with fresh sliced fruit.

$13.95 per person

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Tender grilled chicken breast served on a bed of romaine lettuce with traditional Caesar dressing,
parmesan cheese and croutons.

$9.95 per person

Southwest Taco Salad
Grilled chicken breast or Carne Asada steak topped with Monterey jack and tortilla strips, served
in a crisp tortilla shell w/ black bean & corn relish , accompanied with a chipotle ranch dressing.

 $11.95 per person

Cobb Salad
Avocado, bleu cheese, turkey, bacon and black olives on a bed of tossed garden salad. Served with your
choice of dressing.

$9.95 per person

Bistro Chicken Salad
Fresh baby spinach greens, roasted pecans & dried cranberries topped with marinated chicken breast, feta
cheese crumbles & a vinaigrette dressing.

$10.95 per person

Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast Salad
Chicken strips served over a bed of tossed garden salad, garnished with mushrooms, tomatoes, red onion, and
Hard-boiled eggs, served with Cream pecan dressing .

$12.95 per person

Southern Fried Chicken Breast Salad
Chicken strips served over a bed of tossed garden salad, garnished with mushrooms, tomatoes, red onions, and
hard-boiled eggs. Served with your choice of blue cheese, Italian, ranch or 1000 island.

$12.95 per person




Chris & Carla’s Homemade Chicken Salad $7.95 All white meat

Jazzy’s Big Fish  $7.95

Boneless Breast of Chicken $8.95

Xavier’s four flavored wings- Southern fried, Teriyaki, B-B-Que, or Hot Wings 10 wings    $ 7.95

Callie’s Homemade Burger $7.95 Pennie’s Homemade cheese Bacon cheese Burger $7.95
All sandwiches comes w/ lettuce, tomato & pickle
Carla’s Fresh Garden salad   $6.50
Chef’s salad   $8.95
Side dishes
Cole Slaw  $.99       Potato Salad $.99  French Fries  $.99
Canned Soft Drinks  $. 99
#1 James’s sub-   $7.95  Deluxe ham, turkey, & salami piled high   w/hot pepper cheese
#2 Gia’s club $7.50 ham,turkey,bacon,swiss-american,tomato,and lettuce w/mayo   
#3 Ashley’s hot ham served w/ lettuce, tomato w/ mayo $7.95
#4 Layfette’s Cold turkey or ham w/ lettuce & tomato  $7.95